Procuring right and reliable IT Hardware for your Business may at times be a tricky decision to make. We're by your side in making that decision.

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To help us provide quality and prompt support, we ask that our clients have the following information available for the support analyst:

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We provide Networking Services for Small, Medium and Large Businesses. We believe that no Network is too small to be taken seriously.

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Powervision Technologies is a Technology Solutions service provider both to private and public sectors.

Developed as an ICT Solutions Provider with a vision of expanding into other technology sectors providing various solutions by integrating a broad spectrum of technologies to solve current day challenges.

Proudly born and nourished in South Africa by an ambitious vision whose mission is to bless the international community with products and services that are time-relavant, hand-picked to bring value to day-to-day life activities.

Unbound by geographical limitations, we see technology as a platform to bridge the time/space gap in the now perceived global village to tap into a deep pool of expertise and empower local skills base.

Our strength is integrating technologies to provide solutions.
Readiness to collaboration with local and international partners to provide solutions.

In-depth world-wide technical expertise.

Motivated to achieve excellence.